Elvis Stojko

Champion Skater, Racer, Martial Arts Master & Actor

Elvis Stojko is many things these days... National, Olympic and World skater, Actor (TV, Film & Stage), Martial Arts/Kung Fu Athlete, Kart & Car Racing Driver and Animal lover.
Currently serving as Skate Canada's "Athlete Ambassador" for the 2016 Skate Canada International competition held recently in Mississauga, Ont., from October 27-30, the 3x World Champion offered his engaging personality and time to public appearances, media interviews and in-venue fan activities during the competition.

His love for martial arts started after his father enrolled him in a karate class at age of 10... by 16 he earned his first Black Belt! Later after moving to a new martial arts Kung Fu school with instructor, Glen Doyle, Elvis attributed his new training to his huge success on the ice as well as on the Kung Fu mats. His famous "Bruce Lee" program which he skated at the Lillehammer Olympics program was partially choreographed by Glen. Elvis also went on to win a Silver Medal at the World Kung Fu Championships in 2005.

Elvis started racing in motocross and quickly became hooked and moving to kart racing where he has raced competitively for 5 yrs now.

In 2008, during a show in Monterrey, he met Gladys Orozco, a former two-time Mexican skating champion and it seemed the perfect match for his drive, ambition, love of sports and animals. A year later, on June 20, 2010, they married in Las Vegas. Gladys now performs in many ice shows along side Elvis now.

Gladys Orozco

Mexican Champion Skater, Model & Actress

Gladys started Figure Skating at the young age of 4, and had represented Mexico for more than a decade at International and World Championships. Achieving a Mexican Junior and Senior Ladies Champion status she decided to move from the amateur skating world,  traveling the world with Disney on Ice and working as a Professional Figure Skater.

In 2008 she first met Elvis and 2 yrs later in June of 2010 she married him in a Las Vegas ceremony.

In 2012 she started her modeling career, as she always enjoyed being in front of the camera.